Two dancers seem self-absorbed, busy with what appear to be daily and yet incomplete gestures. 

They are seeking a place of relation between the organic and the inorganic, an encounter where one can enter into the other, so the body can become a thing and the thing can become alive. They enter a state where they don’t know anymore what is voluntary and what is involuntary, the difference between the imagery and the reality: What moves what? What is wearing what? 

Their clothing become an extension of the body and of the self, and the inner constant motion takes them into a journey of on-going selfmutation.

Scapes explores the concept of transformation and change. We departed from the relation with the clothing as a threshold, as the place through which the self begins to extend into the world and vice-versa. 

We looked at the clothing as the first “thing” that the body encounters and that by wearing it becomes alive. With the clothing we established a sensorial, emotional, psycho-physical relation, and made them become integral part of the self.

Throughout the investigations we sought for differences and relations between the thing and the alive, where does one ends and the other begins, what is contained into what.

The room of the performance is presented raw, undressed, without garments. The light illuminates it fully, while its rapid shifts during the soft movements take the whole space into slightly different perspectives. We then see other forms, other aspects. All the while the soundscape and vibrations envelop the whole room and take the spectator nearer to the bodies and into the journey.

Concept and choreography _Mirko Guido
Created with and performed by _Louise Dahl and Katrine Johansen
Also performed by _Alberto Franceschini, Lisa Schåman
Light design _Jens Sethzman
Composer _Lisa Stenberg
Photo _Peter Empl