time dream disorientation

or just a tumultuous ocean of vibrating strings

Roaming Threads is a 3 hours performance that shifts the perception of the space in the viewer by constantly transforming it.

Beside the bodywork and movement, the performer uses sound, masking tape, photos and video clips to dislocate in time the performance space.

Microphones and speakers are placed in different spots of the venue. The captured sound can be mixed and pitched, re-proposed in a different time in a different space, or simply used as background sound.

Concept and performance _Mirko Guido

By focusing on the vitality of a room and its components (structures, objects, human presence), everything can be perceived as series of interactive cosmos included in each other. Each cosmos, from the macro to the micro, exists, transforms and moves in relation to its content and container at the same time; everything relate and function like a big complex organism. 

Pre-personally, Pre-rationally immersed in such multiple, alive space, we are space. 

A space where body and matter cooperate through a series of receptive actions that multiply and transform through time. 

The performer commits to these actions, immediate instants to live in the present moment without representation and conservation in time. Noticing, curiosity and relation are the key factors; transformation and movement the consequences.

Through a work of attention on the senses and dedicated tasks, the performers play with the modulation of synergies and perceptions; a practice of harmonic inclusiveness.

The shift of interest from sensations to information through specific tools, and the duration of each shift, leads to a state of constant learning-unlearning, where the observation of the moment and the listening in the instant become the performance.

This work also create a sense of “oriented disorientation”, where we can t geographically map ourselves in the space, but at the same time our body is perfectly conscious of its spatial relations.

Movement is the result of this multifaceted sensorial interaction between body, mind and space. Everything breath and vibrate as one global organism, becoming the dance that is already existing.