The source material for this Conversation Script is a conversation between Alice Mac Kenzie and Benedict Olk, whom I invited to improvise a fictional dialogue between Ophelia and Hamlet.

For my contribution to Koreografisk Journal #5 I wanted to weaken the power of language in its own environment. I established a series of rules for the transcription of the conversation. These rules were meant to generate a document that could reflect the density of space and time of the live conversation.

The result is 21 pages which are then made transparent and layered on top of each other. At each page the character’s color intensity decreases with 4%.

During the evening of the release of the Koreografisk Journal #5, the work was presented also in its physical version, on 21 transparents, and together with an overhead; people where invited to interact with it.

Concept and development: Mirko Guido

Source text: Alice Mac Kenzie and Benedict Olk

Assistance and advice to transcription: Benedict Olk

Graphic assistance: Francesco Giannone

Technical advise: Valerio Nicoletti