Entities - theatre of gestures - is a dance performance that explores layers of perceptual experience through a fine modulation of movement, light and sound.

Three dancers mold forms and movements through the accumulation of gestures and fleeting re-interpretations of fictional and real selfs.

The abstract narration that comes about is slowly swallowed into a darkness constantly modulated by flashes of withe light and colours. As the choreography on stage builds up to an overwhelming rhythm of images and absences, the music breaks down into drone sounds that produce enveloping vibrations. In the incessant crescendo of sensorial inputs, the performance on stage is no longer an action carried out in front of the viewer, neither an image in his/her mind, it is rather the physical experience of being swallowed into a transcendental space.

The project Entities is born with the intention to explore the theme of Perception, by investigating the relation between the spectator and the somatic and kinaesthetic sensations produced by an event.

The movement of the dancers is developed through a methodological process aimed at tweaking the space of interaction between the somatic experience of the gesture, the reenactment of embodied archives and their aesthetic and theatrical projections. The persistent action multiplies the forms of the body while scattering the perception of the self. Extemporally fictional characters appear, which mix with a series of (re)played - (re)lived - (re)interpreted - (re)invented self-portraits, creating a web of incomplete narratives.

Entities - theatre of gestures - is proposed as a liminal and trembling cosmos; a choreography in constant motion from the immediate bodily sensation to the culturally meaningful gesture, in a place where the modulation of sensory inputs engender new layers of perception.

Photos: Manne Schütt

Concept and choreography Mirko Guido

Developed with and performed by Lisa Schåman, Elise Brewer, Darío Bardam

Light design Jens Sethzman

Sound and acoustic design Maria W Horn (featured track Antimatter by Polar Inertia)

Artistic coordinator Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena


Co-produced by Weld in Stockholm.

With the contribution of Kulturbryggan Startstöd 10 and Kulturrådet

Supported by:

Work Space Bruxelles (within the frame of Life Long Burning network)

Uferstudios (Through the Residence Stipendium of the international dance program of Konstnärsnämden)

SITE Sweden


Video editing Matteo Quarta