Entities -immersion- is an immersive space that provides a liminal experience between presence and absence. The visitors are invited in a room where rhythmical patterns of light, colors and darkness expand the perception of the self and the surrounding. 

It aims at generating movement that takes shape from and then beyond the visual range, engendering a kinesthetic experience. 


The immersive environment is created through a rhythmical modulation of lights; it deals with rate and duration, while it explores the texture of colors in relation to flashes of white light.

Approaching the work from a choreographic perspective we deal with light not as the medium that illuminates some-thing, rather as the thing; a subject made of waves and particles, which moves and fills the space between the walls of the room and the physical boundaries of the human body.

The rhythmical modulation is proposed in the form of interplay between light and darkness. It  aims at creating a liminal space between presence and absence, a space in which the visitor and his/her perception of spatial boundaries and self boundaries become the core medium of the work. 

The attempt is to create an environment that on one side can heighten the sensations, the corporality of oneself: "I can sense and sense myself sensing”. While on the other side it dissolves the self, it expands it to a point of: "I don't exist anymore", "I am everywhere”.

Concept and development Mirko Guido and Jens Sethzman

Co-produced by Weld in Stockholm and supported by Kulturbryggan (Startstöd 10) and Kulturrådet as part of the Entities Project

Residencies: Uferstudios (Through the Residence Stipendium of the international dance program of Konstnärsnämden)