Getting lost means that the relationship between us and the surroundings has suffered a breach. Without this interaction it becomes impossible to create important point of reference.
This means getting lost within a context. It is the inversion, or the short-circuit, of a cultural process; The vanishing of attention to the world around. Therefore progressive isolation. 

"Distances Within" is inspired by the idea of disorientation. An incessant rhythmic repetition of movements in space becomes dance. Like a daily lapse, the series of persistent actions seems to end in themselves, at times suffocating, like a game with no end or solution.
"Distances Within" is that moment when the gap created between the actual and the desired reside in the body itself. 

Concept and Choreography _Mirko Guido

Created with and performed by _Alberto Franceschini

Also performed by _Elias Girod

Original musical composition by _Liz Heiner

Photos _Anna Tina Eberhard

"Distances Within" is a choreographic composition that forms a net of operations.
A set of tools, in hand of the performer, map the directions of the choreographic moment to be explored; the investigation may range from sensory perceptions to a body articulation, to the relation between the body and the surrounding space.
The main concepts are: disorientation, vicious circle and transformation through repetition.
The work consists of three scenes. Each one takes an autonomous direction, although consequentially to one another.
Each scene sees the performer accessing a physical/mind state and persevering with few but intense actions. The insistence of actions that do not have a real way out, instead they seem to end in themselves, leads to a slow but constant transformation and a sense of disorientation.
For the spectator this practice becomes an experience that goes beyond the visible and involves the whole body.