Mirko Guido


Born in Lecce, Italy, is an independent choreographer and performer based in Stockholm.

Currently he is carrying out his MA studies in New Performative Practices, directed by Chrysa Parkinson, at DOCH/Uniarts in Stockholm.

He works independently since 2013, and presented his performances internationally, in renown venues such as Dansens Hus (Stockholm), Zeitraumexit (Mannheim); Teatri di vita (Bologna); Dance Station (Belgrade); Weld (Stockholm); Tanzhaus (Zürich) and Lokremise (St. Gallen), Schwere Reiter (München), among several others.

As dancer, he is a former member of the Cullberg Ballet in Sweden. Previously he has danced in the state theater companies in Bielefeld, Saarbrücken and Wiesbaden. He has performed a great variety of works, from very diverse choreographers such as Benoît Lachambre, Johan Inger, Crystal Pite, Tilman O’Donell, Lightfoot/Leon, Itzik Galili, Jo Strømgren, Rafael Bonachela, Marco Goecke among many others.

Mirko’s artistic practice places an emphasis on encountering material; it deals with devising systems and environment that generate material, which is then filtered through a set of framework that he establishes; frameworks that are always in some dialogue with whom and what is in the room in that moment. Thus is works can appear very different from one to another as they are highly dependent on time, people, and places.

In the last years Mirko focused on the development of a physical practice inspired by his professional encounters with Deborah Hay, Benoît Lachambre and Tilman O’Donnell, and that deals with the deconstruction of the idea of subject towards the perception of a choreographic self

With his new project, Mirko wants to move his attention towards collective and popular knowledge, contamination, and authorship.